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One-Hour Parties

$250 includes an hour with the character of your choice!

-live singing & dancing




-singing "happy birthday"

-photo ops

-special coronation ceremony

-A second character (limited availability) may be added for an additional $120

-All activities are performed from a distance of 6 feet or more

- Recommended limit of 10 guest children or fewer 

-All guests must wear masks. Performer will not wear mask while performing, so distance is strictly enforced.

-Performer reserves the right to leave party if safety guidelines are not followed.


We greatly appreciate your cooperation during these times.

How to book:

Please fill out our form or text Chrisie at 747-217-3202 with all of the following information:

1. Date and time preferred

2. Choice of character / second choice

3. Child's name and age

4. Let us know if we are celebrating a special occasion 

5. Address of party

6. Number of child attendees

7. Your best email address 

Once we confirm our availability, a retainer fee of $100 (or $120 for two characters) may be made via Venmo or PayPal

Once deposit is received we will send you a confirmation message and ask you to respond to let us know that you agree to our terms and that we have all of your information correct. 

Your balance payment can be made directly to performers on the day of the party in the amount of $130.


Tips are greatly appreciated by performers but not mandatory whatsoever.

Zoom Calls

$60 includes singing, storytelling, games, singing "happy birthday" if applicable, and an unforgettable special interaction with your child's favorite character!

-Calls can be made to any location in the world, time zones permitting!

-Friends can participate in the call or your child can enjoy a one-on-one interaction with the character!

-Feel free to film or screen record call to enjoy later!

-We can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings, even the same day! However we recommend booking a week in advance to ensure availability.

How to book:

Please text Chrisie at 747-217-3202  with the following information:

1. Date and time desired

2. Character preferred / second choice character

3. Child's name and Age

4. Let us know if we are celebrating a special occasion

5. Zoom invite (we find clients like to set up their own invite so that they can invite friends and family ahead of time, but we are happy to set up the call ourselves if needed. We can also arrange Facetime if preferred.


Once we have confirmed that your character is available, please make payment via Venmo or PayPal . Tips are greatly appreciated by performers but not mandatory whatsoever.

Please put a note in your payment so that we know who and what it is for. 

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