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In Early 2013, Jennifer had a dream of starting a princess party business that would treat children's entertainment with integrity. The Los Angeles Princess Company was born out of a desire to bring an unprecedented level of quality and magic to special events. 

I was inspired by princess characters for as long as I can remember - the movies about them made an incredible impression on me and their songs were the first ones I remember singing. To this day when I see a young child who is  enamored with princess characters, I know exactly why.


I noticed that many companies put an emphasis on having many characters rather than the quality of the service, and the princess characters' costumes were simply Halloween costumes. The activities were the same no matter which character was chosen.  I wondered how much more memorable party character experiences could be if the costumes were custom made and theme park quality, and if the activities were actually tailored to bring each specific character to life.

In almost 8 years, our business model hasn't changed- We are a tiny, boutique style company with simple packages. We still only offer princess characters and a few select others. We have a small number of performers. While other companies may be able to boast hundreds of characters to choose from, dozens of add-ons and other services, we stick to what we do best so that love and  attention to detail go into every single party ... and our 100% 5-star review reputation (on both Yelp and Facebook) supports that.  

Even though we have been open since 2013, I never stop improving on our service. During the week between answering phone calls and emails, You might find me adding rhinestones to a costume, or making a new prop for a character's story time, or writing a script for a new character. I am always looking for ways to go above and beyond so that there is no doubt in your child's mind that when our character arrives at her party, she is the real deal.

In the time we have been in business, a countless number of similar businesses have opened in the LA area. I'm sure it may be overwhelming for a parent of a young child to sort though all of them in order to find entertainment for their child's milestone event such as her birthday party. We get it- she is only going to turn 3 (or 4 or 5) once!  You can be confident in hiring us that you will get an experienced, talented, caring performer, in a beautiful, clean, custom made costume and a professionally styled wig, ready to perform magical, engaging activities that will awe your little one and all of her guests and bring the character to life right before your eyes.

Your L.A. Princess

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