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Fancy Nancy Character for Birthday Parti

Nothing's ever boring or blah in the land of Ooh La La!  Fancy Nancy is tres chic-That's a fancy word for fabulous!  You won't see this exact costume anywhere else- everything from her screen accurate bracelets to custom-made rhinestoned crown is our own creation! She sings, teaches her friends how to be fancy, dances, plays games themed to her character and more! Depending on the length of time you choose to book and the number of kids you have attending, she can also face paint and/or do fancy makeovers! She will proclaim your birthday child the official Princess of the Day and lead everyone in singing "Happy Birthday." Before she returns to Plainfield she will pose for fancy photo ops! Click here for Prices or Book Now

Performer pictured is our actual performer in our actual costume! However, multiple performers play this role and another one of our beautiful and talented performers may be assigned to your party. 

Thank you!! Fancy Nancy Was Amazing! She was so cute! Great Casting!"

-Rianna, Pacific Palisades


Photos and Videos from Past Clients

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